Microsoft has released new ISO images for Windows 10, and this time they are for that spring of 2020 feature update currently referred to as 20H1.

The updated ISOs allow for the clean install of Windows 10 build 990, a release that Microsoft pushed to Fast ring insiders at the end of September.

You will find three different versions of those ISOs that you can download from Microsoft's insider page, namely the standard build, enterprise, and Home China. All are on the said page alongside ISO images for Windows 10 build 363.

What's new in Windows 10 build 990

These ISO images may be used to clean-install the operating system and start from scratch, that is something very handy for users who're part of the Windows Insider program and need to reset their devices.

Simultaneously, they may be used for testing a specific build in closed environment like a virtual machine within an anticipation of the public debut of Windows 10 20H1.

So far as build 990 is worried, it comes with automatic restart choice for UWP apps, in addition to WSL improvements and a more polished cloud support for resetting your personal computer without physical recovery media.

"In accessory for registered desktop apps, when you opt into this setting, the majority of open UWP apps are now also automatically restarted as well! To lessen sign-in time, UWP apps are restarted minimized, in a suspended state, giving Windows and other apps more resources to get going," Microsoft explained when it rolled out this preview build of Windows 10.

Windows 10 20H1 is projected to be finalized early in the year of 2020, and according to Microsoft's typical schedule, this will take place in March to then be listed as version 2003. The rollout to production devices could begin in April or May exactly the same year.

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