Windows 10X is Microsoft's new operating-system specifically produced for dual-screen devices like Surface Neo, and despite being based on Windows 10, it arrives with a number of changes specifically designed to help it to adjust to this new product category.

One of them is the Start menu, which has been substantially redesigned to create more sense on a device just like a dual-screen computer.

The beginning menu, which is a lot more like a home screen that gives access for your essential shortcuts, no more features live tiles, and this is something which has been rumored might happen on full Windows 10 too.

Live tiles are viewed to become a less popular feature, with Microsoft's usage data showing that dwindling people actually rely on them within the Start menu. So giving up on these live tiles seems to be the next thing to complete moving forward, albeit a confirmation in this regard does not exist at this time.

New Start button

The simplified Start menu in Windows 10X is dependant on two different sections: the one at the top, which teaches you 15 apps and websites with a button to "show all," and the one at the end that displays recently accessed and "recommended" files.

The Start button is not put into the low left corner, but has a new Fluent design icon that is centered. The beginning menu shows up on screens if needed, as Surface Neo (and all sorts of other dual-screen devices) will be permitted to run two apps alongside on several displays because of Windows 10X.

For the moment, however, it's important to realize that the demo Microsoft presented in the Surface event isn't the ultimate version of Windows 10X, so further refinements, including for the Start menu, could still be made.

Windows 10X should really go survive dual-screen devices within the holidays of 2020.

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