Wish the desktop icons in Windows 10 were bigger so you could stop squinting their way or they'd be simpler to tap on a touch screen laptop? Or do you wish they were smaller therefore the shortcuts didn't take up as much space in your laptop's screen? Never fear, we have a list of short steps regarding how to change the icon size in Windows 10.

How you can Change the Size of Desktop Icons in Windows 10

1. Right-click on an empty space around the desktop.

2. Select View from the contextual menu.

3. Select either Large icons, Medium icons, or Small icons. The default is medium icons.

On my laptop with a native 1600 by 900 pixels display, the large option looks huge, the little dimensions are not big enough, and the medium size looks perfect (as Goldilocks would say). Your mileage might vary based on your screen's display resolution. Changing the size of the icons around the desktop doesn't modify the size the icons elsewhere in Windows 10, but there are methods you can change those too.

How to Alter the Size of the Taskbar Icons

If you wish to alter the size of the icons in your taskbar, there is a different setting for that, that will also change the size of text, apps, along with other items across Windows 10.

1. Right-click on an empty space on the desktop.

2. Select Display settings from the contextual menu.

3. Slowly move the slider under "Change how big text, apps, and other items" to 100%, 125%, 150%, or 175%.

4. Hit Apply at the end from the settings window. Windows might ask you to log out and log back in for a more consistent experience.

This will not only result in the icons within the taskbar a bit larger, but it will even make text bigger in apps like Microsoft Edge and Calendar, as well as in Windows 10 notification windows.

How to Change the Size Icons in File Explorer

If you want larger or smaller icons or thumbnails in particular folders, you are able to change those found on the fly in File Explorer.

Just head to your folder location and employ your mouse's scroll wheel to zoom in or out, effectively switching the vista between Windows 10's large icons, medium icons, small icons, list, details, tiles, and content views.

Although File Explorer will remember your last setting when you open this folder again, this can be a folder-specific setting, so you will need to adjust each folder you'll want different icon and text sizes for.

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