Windows 10 has a long good reputation for causing privacy concerns around the globe, and more recently, the Dutch data protection agency raised the alarm within the data collection process taking place after installing the OS.

Now the very same agency reached out to Microsoft's lead privacy regulator in Europe to require an intensive investigation of the number of concerns, after a report published earlier this year revealed that the software giant was yet to address the things they considered to be privacy issues.

Your research will be carried out by the Irish Data Protection Commission, or DPC, as well as in an argument for TechCrunch, the privacy watchdog confirmed an analysis of privacy controls in Windows 10 would be conducted.

"Since then the DPC has been liaising using the Dutch DPA to help this matter," a spokeswoman for that DPC was quoted as saying through the cited source. "The DPC has had preliminary engagement with Microsoft and, with the aid of the Dutch authority, we will shortly be engaging further with Microsoft to seek substantive responses around the concerns raised."

Non-diagnostic data collected

Microsoft explains inside a statement it has already worked with the Dutch watchdog on improving privacy in Windows 10, and this new investigation is only another opportunity to further refine the operating system in this regard.

"The Dutch data protection authority has previously brought data protection concerns to our attention, which related to the consumer versions of Windows 10, Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro. We'll work with the Irish Data Protection Commission to discover any further questions or concerns it might have, and also to address any further questions and concerns as soon as possible," Microsoft says.

Meanwhile, the Dutch agency warns that Microsoft collects both diagnostic and non-diagnostic data in Windows 10, explaining the investigation carried out by the Irish watchdog should help determine whether the company processes more details of computer needs from users.

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