A brand new Google Chrome feature will allow users to copy content on a single tool and paste it on another, whatever the platform that the browser is running on.

In other words, this selection will enable a shared clipboard that will be available in Google Chrome on Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

While shared clipboards already exist at OS level, as it's the situation on Windows 10, Google wants this feature to create together each one of these platforms, so long as the browser is installed.

A Chromium Gerrit post spotted by Chrome Story details how the feature could work when it's ready:

"Enable receiver device to deal with shared clipboard feature - Enables receiver device to handle shared clipboard feature by showing a notification to get the clipboard to talk about.

Enable shared clipboard feature signals to be handled - Enables shared clipboard feature signals to be handled by showing a summary of user's available devices to talk about the clipboard."

Flags already there in Chrome Canary

Quite simply, once the shared clipboard is live, Chrome users will be able to copy content on their own device within the browser after which pick the other device in which the same Google account can be used to transmit the clipboard info. The receiving device will then display a notification that shared clipboard information is available.

According to AP, evidence of this feature was already discovered in Google Chrome Canary, in which a set of experimental flags appear to already exist for the shared clipboard. However, they don't enable any feature for now, probably since the new functionality continues to be within the internal testing stage.

There's no ETA regarding when it ought to be finalized, obviously, but however, we expect the shared clipboard to visit live in Google Chrome Canary rather earlier than later for public testing.

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