Google Chrome continues to be the world's number one browser on the desktop, and statistics supplied by NetMarketShare show that despite holding a record market share, it even were able to increase recently.

Right now, Google Chrome may be the top choice on PCs having a share of 68.60%, based on these figures, and this is up from no less than 66.29% the previous month.

Mozilla Firefox continues to be the runner-up name in the browser wars, and also the July 2019 data shows its share of the market dropped to 8.34% recently from 8.86%.

So far as Microsoft Edge is concerned, Microsoft's browsers currently commands a 5.80% market share, that is is a drop from 6.03% the prior month. The data here, however, only covers the built-in Windows 10 browser and not the Chromium version that Microsoft is currently developing.

The Chromium-powered Microsoft Edge

While it's pretty clear that, at this time, Microsoft Edge doesn't stand an opportunity in the race against Google Chrome, there are high hopes the upcoming Chromium-based replacement could be a lot more successful.

Microsoft is focusing on a brand new version of Edge that's in line with the same engine as Google Chrome, therefore the two rivals now work together on the growth and development of new features that would eventually go live in both browsers.

As a fully-featured option to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge can be offered not just to Windows 10 users, but also to people running older Windows as well as macOS. The Chromium engine will also support Linux, but until now, Microsoft is yet to verify that this type of version of its browser is under development.

Preview versions from the new Microsoft Edge already are available for download, but Microsoft has until now avoided to provide us with an ETA regarding if this plans to complete the development of the browser.

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