Shenmue 3, one of the most anticipated game franchise revivals of 2019, will launch first on Windows 10 PCs with the Epic Games Store. Publisher Deep Silver revealed this news alongside Epic throughout the 2019 PC Gaming Show at E3.

Creative head and game director at developer Ys Net Yu Suzuki came on stage during the show to talk up a new trailer, which revealed this dedication to Epic Games's platform. A logo for Valve's Steam platform wasn't shown throughout the trailer.

This trailer revealed more key information regarding what we can expect from the gameplay. It seems that this form of the sport will focus much more on fighting techinques combat than previous entries.

As the game's protagonist, a young Japanese man named Ryo Hazuki in 1980's China, you will study under a new kung fu grandmaster to understand new combat skills at a brand new school. You'll use these skills to both deal with enemies and save innocents in cinematic moments.

It's already known that Shenmue 3 will release on November 19 on PC and PS4, but it is currently unknown whether the game will at some point release around the Steam store for PC. As of at this time, we only realize that it's coming for PC with the Epic Games Store. Considering the struggle there is to have it onto these machines, don't hold your breath for an Xbox Project Scarlett release.

E3 2019 may be the biggest gaming event of the year. TechRadar is reporting live from LA, suggesting all about the biggest announcements of the week, from epic game trailers to shocking release date reveals. Follow our expert analysis of the keynotes and what we have seen around the E3 show floor.

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