Microsoft makes Reading Notice a priority within the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge, so the company keeps rolling out further refinements every once in a while.

Furthermore, Google itself is also focusing on its own set of updates for the same Reading View feature, most likely as a result of Microsoft joining the Chromium project and providing the necessary resources for making this happen considerably faster.

Meanwhile, Microsoft keeps focusing on improving its own Reading View, and also the latest build of Microsoft Edge Canary integrates new options to allow the reading experience better adjust to each user.

In other words, the software giant has implemented more customization options that users can check out by simply enabling a flag in the browser.

Reading View is a feature that permits you to read articles or documents online by reduction of distractions, for example content that isn't necessarily relevant for that reading experience. This really is most helpful on news sites where the focus is around the text itself.

And beginning with this update, you can customize the Reading View experience even more by changing some basic settings the way you like.

The first thing you should do is update towards the latest Canary build of Microsoft Edge, because otherwise, the new flag might not be there. The flag will come in build, so make sure you are running a minimum of this version.

Next, launch the browser and kind the next code in the address bar:


You need to now see the advanced flags configuration screen, and we'll begin by enabling Reading View. If you've previously enabled this selection, you can scroll down to the steps to enable the brand new settings.

To turn on Reading View, search for the following flag:

Microsoft Edge Reading View

And then click on the drop-down menu next to it and switch it from default to enabled. A reboot from the browser is going to be needed to save your settings.

If you wish to activate the new settings, look for the next flag:

Microsoft Edge Reading View Text Preference

The flag description explains its purpose:

"Enable text preferences in reading view that allows you to customize font sizes and background themes -- Windows and Mac - Mac, Windows"

Once more, click the drop-down menu and let the flag. A reboot of the browser is needed too to accomplish your configuration.

Next, you can load any article that you would like to read with Reading View to test the new settings. After enabling Reading View, there must be a "Text preference" button right in the toolbar.

Clicking it allows you to configure the text size and the background color, with the latter coming in four different pre-defined configurations.

At this time, this is just a fundamental implementation, so the font size adjustment tool, for instance, is certainly not more than a slider which you'll action to take the font bigger or smaller. There aren't any indicators how to use it, so simply click all things in that window to figure out the objective of each button.

Remember that this feature is just obtainable in the Canary version of Microsoft Edge, so it's not really a problem that some options seem to be missing for now. Most likely, Microsoft continues to refine the knowledge with Reading View in the coming updates, so eventually more options should be offered.

There's no release target for Microsoft Edge at this time, but it's apt to be finalized by the spring of 2020, a minimum of on Windows 10.

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