Microsoft will quickly migrate to the Chromium engine for that Microsoft Edge browser, and as area of the transition, the software giant became one of the biggest contributors to the growth and development of fraxel treatments.

As a result, the company proposes improvements that may become implemented not only in Microsoft Edge, but also in other Chromium-based browser, for example Google Chrome itself.

Probably the most recent features that the clients are focusing on is much better support for the dark mode.

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge already comes with a dark theme, but you will find parts of the browser UI which are yet to embrace this visual style. And something of these is tooltips.

Microsoft believes that it can resolve the problem of tooltips while using standard theme by implementing a technology already available on Windows 10 and which the majority of UWP apps rely on. Called Aura, this mode assists you to switch the tooltips to a dark mode as well in the browser.

The organization has already started testing the black tooltips in Microsoft Edge, and users themselves can provide them a try having a dedicated flag within the Canary build.

First of all, you have to update to the latest Canary version of Microsoft Edge browser. This tutorial is based on Microsoft Edge Canary version

Launch the browser and in the address bar type the following command to launch the advanced flags configuration screen:


While using search engine at the very top, search for this flag within the same screen:

Enable aura tooltips on Windows

The one-step manner in which doesn't involve you trying to find the flag is dependant on simply copying and pasting the code below in the address bar of Microsoft Edge Canary:


The default setting of this flag is disabled, so you need to use the drop-down menu next to it to be able to switch it to Enabled. Doing this will need a browser reboot in order to save your settings.

The next time you launch your browser, the tooltips that demonstrate up when navigating the web should are now using a dark mode, much like UWP apps do across Windows 10 when the dark visual style is enabled.

Microsoft explains the difficulties of implementing a dark mode for tooltips in Windows within this commit:

"The native Windows tooltip doesn't support dark theme and it has some accessibility issues with the written text scaling settings. Using the aura tooltips we are able to solve these two problems together.

This transformation completely enables Windows to make use of TooltipAura, behind a Feature flag. One of them change is definitely an increase towards the maximum width of tooltips from 400px to 800px to be able to better match the native tooltip and avoid some of the early truncation issues described by (which ChromeOS currently is affected with)."

Google Chrome will also include aura tooltips enabled automatically in the Windows version of the browser. Google has made this alternation in Chrome Canary, and it is expected to activate this option within the stable build of Google Chrome within the upcoming updates.

Meanwhile, Microsoft keeps refining the experience in Edge, so we only hope that similar improvements could be released on macOS as well. By migrating to Chromium, Microsoft can release Microsoft Advantage on non-Windows platforms as well, including here macOS. The present preview builds of the browser, namely the Canary and Dev versions, can be downloaded on both Windows and macOS, having a Linux version not yet confirmed by expected to land at some point in the near future.

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