Microsoft has made available the download links because of its May 2019 cumulative firmware and drivers pack developed for a number of its Surface devices, which manages to improve system stability, security, and gratifaction, in addition to camera performance.

Specifically speaking, the producer has rolled out updates for its Surface 3, Pro 3, Pro 4, Pro 5th Gen, and Pro 6 tablets, Surface Studio and Studio 2 systems, as well as for the top Book, Book 2, Laptop, and Laptop 2 devices.

In terms of changes, the current packages install new versions of Camera, network, Bluetooth, and graphics drivers, as well as other updates as highlighted within the Release Notes below. However, know that not all changes are suited for every tablet (be sure to look into the description page of your model).

When it comes to installation, save the downloadable file on your Surface unit, install all drivers included, and follow all instructions displayed on the screen for an entire and successful installation.

Still, don't forget that this package is only compatible with Microsoft's Windows 10 platform. Also, after using the present release, it would be smart to reboot your tablet manually (otherwise requested automatically), to ensure all changes work properly.

However, when you purchase the Windows Update Service, you'll need to wait in line for your Surface unit to get this updated package. Through this service, all updates are supplied to customers in stages; thus, you might not receive it at this time.

With this thought, download the May 2019 firmware from the links below, do the installation, and check our website as often as you possibly can, as we'll keep you posted when a newer update is available.

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